Embracing the Human Element of Design


Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Dominic Miraldi. I'm a Visual Arts Student from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Graduating in 2019, I've spent my tenure at the University engaging in a diverse number of mediums, with a focus on digital media and graphic design. I have an interest in political, cultural and art history, which has influenced my design greatly. I also enjoy exercising and writing in my free time, on top of my art hobbies. With skills in Graphic and Web Design, and an interst in the fine arts, I try to infuse the human element of art with modern design and technology.

What Can I Do?

I have experience in many Adobe Programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, XD and Dreamweaver. I also have experience with forms of traditional art, such as drawing, animation, and etching. I've studied and used symbols in my art to create a human element to my designs.

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Design Philosophy

I emphasize the human element of design, and try to connect to others using symbols and myth. I find a particular interest of the mathematical aesthetics of nature and use the golden ratio and rule of thirds when coming up with compositions. I respect the artists of the past but also embrace contemporary design, and always have approachability and usability in mind when designing.


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